Vacation Mayhem

Hi all! Happy Friday! So I’m in an airbnb near Tillamook right now. Yesterday we went to the sand dunes and we went on a dune buggy ride. It was so intense and fast. Oh my goodness it was so much fun. Anyway we went to Portland for a couple days then kept going down […]

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Free Association Friturday

Hi all! Happy Friturday! A combination of Friday and Saturday. I don’t normally post after hours but today I felt compelled to make a post despite not having anything on mind. I think this is because there will be a huge break in posts if I don’t post this week as I’ll be out of […]

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Obligation Activation

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! I just arrived home and I feel obligated to post something even though it’s of little substance. Yellowstone was great and beautiful to walk around. Got to see Old Faithful blow its steamy jets. Got to smell the wondrous odors of sulphur. And got to see some colorful waters and landscape. […]

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Hiatus Break Over

Hi all! Happy Friday! As promised, I’m back to blogging for the month of August. I finally finished all my exams for the semester. I think I did a horrible job but at least I’m finished. I have difficulties taking notes and remember things due to my meds but I tried my best. So I […]

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