Recalled to Life

Hello and Happy Hump-day! It most certainly has been a while since my last post back in May 2017 when my grandfather passed away, which is why I took the phrase “Recalled to life” from a Tale of Two Cities as a fitting title for this week’s blog post. In many ways, I have been […]

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Confession Regurgitation

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! To be honest I’m not the person with too many boundaries. Anything’s really up for talks. Ask and you shall receive sort of deal, whether or not I answer is my business. You’re free to ask anything your mind wants and desires. Knowledge is powah! I’m not sure when it started. […]

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Vomit-machine Factor

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! It’s been a week or so since my last little accident-on-purpose incident and I’m still feeling queasy thinking back about it. My stomach still flips out when I think about what I did. I still want to vomit. These past few days have been really trying. I just lie around and […]

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Third Time’s the Charm

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! First off, I apologize for missing last week’s Free Association Friday and this Monday’s post. It seems I can only go two weeks max before I break my streak and fail in being productive and wander off into the eternal abyss of procrastination. All joking aside, I was absolutely unable to […]

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Fatal Hospitalization Hospitality

In June of 2013, specifically on the 20th, I was admitted into the psychiatric unit of Vancouver General Hospital after an attempted suicide. As I recall, I had been having a bad week at work. The whole month in retrospect was a horrible one. I had been seeing my psychiatrist and was already on medications […]

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