Cloudy Monday Mystery

Hi all! Happy Monday! Sorry I forgot to post last Friday. I was like “I’m going to post something. I’m going to post something. I’m going to post something.” and then I fell asleep and completely forgot to post something. For shame. Anyway, not much happened over last week. The highlight being 420, not much […]

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Happy Birthday!

Hi all! Happy Monday! And Happy Birthday to me! Today’s my birthday and for the past three days I’ve been eating out celebrating my birthday. It’s been a great couple of days. This year, so far, has been pretty good. No major incidents to report. I’ve been going to see my doctor regularly and we […]

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Free Association Friday

Hi all! Happy Friday! Earlier this week when it was sunny and not pissing rain everywhere, I went out and took some photos. It felt good stretching my legs out for a brief walk instead of sitting at my desk browsing Imgur. I’ll start processing and posting the photos next week. Spring time is here […]

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