Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II

Hi all! Happy Saturday! I deliberately didn’t make a post yesterday. Hahaha. I was feeling particularly lazy but I was also working hard! I made an unboxing video and was editing photos. So a quick recap of what happened this week! Onwards! On Monday I went with my friend for an 8km run. We couldn’t […]

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Free Association Friday

Hi all! Happy Friday! I hope you all enjoyed the brilliant weather this week! Orange is the New Black is out and I’ve been watching nonstop for the past two days. Okay I lie. I’ve been watching with pauses in between episodes just to make it last a little longer. Ruby Rose is in this […]

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Free Association Friday

Hi all! Happy Friday! It’s been such a sunny week! Unfortunately, I haven’t taken full advantage of the sun. I’ve been lazing around the house instead of going out for walks and taking photos. Last Saturday I went to a food festival called Eat! Vancouver. There, I tried a bunch of different foods from around […]

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Cloudy Monday Mystery

Hi all! Happy Monday! Sorry I forgot to post last Friday. I was like “I’m going to post something. I’m going to post something. I’m going to post something.” and then I fell asleep and completely forgot to post something. For shame. Anyway, not much happened over last week. The highlight being 420, not much […]

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Blood Moon MIA

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! Tuesday morning was the lunar eclipse deal. I waited all night to try and see it but the clouds didn’t give way. They stayed and ruined my romantic night out with myself. I’m rather upset at the weather today for having done that to me. And when I’m upset I sleep. […]

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