My Daily Routine

Hi all! Happy Hump-Day! So, what is my daily routine like when I’m manic or depressed? It’s pretty much the same old stick around in my room for the whole day sort of deal. I wake up and take my medications then crawl back into bed because I’m still hazy. After a several minutes, the […]

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Recalled to Life

Hello and Happy Hump-day! It most certainly has been a while since my last post back in May 2017 when my grandfather passed away, which is why I took the phrase “Recalled to life” from a Tale of Two Cities as a fitting title for this week’s blog post. In many ways, I have been […]

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Free Association Friday Redux

Hi all! Happy Friday! It’s been a while since my last post and I apologize for the lack of posting. I simply wasn’t in the mood to post and I couldn’t think of anything to post. Well, it all started with my cousin coming into town from London. And so that Friday I was preoccupied […]

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Free Association Friday

Hi all! Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a good week! I had an uneventful week. I spent most of it asleep and my waking moments i was browsing /r/aww/ and looking at cute pictures of cats and dogs and the occasional hamster and bunny rabbits. I wish I had a cat to cuddle up […]

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Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! So for the past three nights I haven’t been sleeping very well. I keep having these horrendous nightmares of all my fears combined so I keep waking up. In turn I’ve upped the dosages required to keep me sedated which isn’t necessarily a good thing. A few weeks ago I missed […]

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When did Wednesday Come?

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! Seriously. Where did it come from? One moment I’m looking at my calendar and it’s Monday and the next it’s the middle of the week. What have I done? Nothing. Do I feel bad about it? Yes. Am I going to do anything about it? No. Rinse and repeat. I find […]

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Muggy Monday Weekend

Hi all! Happy Monday! Enough with the doom and gloom. I find my sleeping medications make me most wondrously happy after I’ve taken them. I shall have to make and take special note of that and use it to my advantage when I feel most down and out. Much of the weekend was spent wallowing […]

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Third Time’s the Charm

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! First off, I apologize for missing last week’s Free Association Friday and this Monday’s post. It seems I can only go two weeks max before I break my streak and fail in being productive and wander off into the eternal abyss of procrastination. All joking aside, I was absolutely unable to […]

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