Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II

Hi all! Happy Saturday! I deliberately didn’t make a post yesterday. Hahaha. I was feeling particularly lazy but I was also working hard! I made an unboxing video and was editing photos. So a quick recap of what happened this week! Onwards! On Monday I went with my friend for an 8km run. We couldn’t […]

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Free Association Friday

Hello and happy Friday! It’s been a productive week! I’m still riding on the high from my vacation so I’ve been extra productive and gung ho about everything. I’ve been researching on buying a new camera and I think I’ve found the right camera for me. I’m thinking of getting a mirrorless Micro Four Thirds […]

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Free Association Friturday

Hi all! Happy Friturday! A combination of Friday and Saturday. I don’t normally post after hours but today I felt compelled to make a post despite not having anything on mind. I think this is because there will be a huge break in posts if I don’t post this week as I’ll be out of […]

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Drilling Holes

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! It’s humpday! Half the week’s gone and there’s another half left. Almost there to Friday, don’t give up! Breaking from my usual routine of staying in the house for weeks on end, I went out twice this week to enjoy the sunshine. Yesterday I went the the Lordco 25th Annual Tradeshow. […]

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Free Association Friday

Hi all! Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a good week! I had an uneventful week. I spent most of it asleep and my waking moments i was browsing /r/aww/ and looking at cute pictures of cats and dogs and the occasional hamster and bunny rabbits. I wish I had a cat to cuddle up […]

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