Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! So for the past three nights I haven’t been sleeping very well. I keep having these horrendous nightmares of all my fears combined so I keep waking up. In turn I’ve upped the dosages required to keep me sedated which isn’t necessarily a good thing. A few weeks ago I missed […]

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Blood Rejection Predicament

Hi all! Happy Monday! I’m so upset right now. I didn’t get to donate blood on the holy and sacred day of Caturday because I visited some rural villages while I was in China and that started ringing alarm bells for them. They have deferred me for a year on the basis that I am […]

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Bountiful Blood

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! I’m so excited to donate blood again later this week. It’s been a while since I last donated. So pumped for it. I’m always excited to give blood. There’s something happy and wonderful about being to donate blood. I think it’s being able to help someone just by sitting around for […]

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