Free Association Friday

Hi all! Happy Friday! Earlier this week when it was sunny and not pissing rain everywhere, I went out and took some photos. It felt good stretching my legs out for a brief walk instead of sitting at my desk browsing Imgur. I’ll start processing and posting the photos next week. Spring time is here […]

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Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! So for the past three nights I haven’t been sleeping very well. I keep having these horrendous nightmares of all my fears combined so I keep waking up. In turn I’ve upped the dosages required to keep me sedated which isn’t necessarily a good thing. A few weeks ago I missed […]

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Happy New Years!

Hi everyone and happy Thursday! Happy New Years! Yesterday I pre-emptively started my New Year’s resolution and cleaned up the room a bit. It’s far from over but it a start. I mentioned about being claustrophobic in my room in another post and I’m starting to feel the anxiety levels drop. I see space in […]

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Monday Rejuvenation Factor

Hi all! Happy Monday! I know I didn’t post all week last week! Ahhh! What happened?! Start of school that’s what happened. Scrambling to get myself in gear for school, I put aside things that weren’t important (yes, this blog is in fact not all that important to me after all) and I went into […]

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Confession Regurgitation

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! To be honest I’m not the person with too many boundaries. Anything’s really up for talks. Ask and you shall receive sort of deal, whether or not I answer is my business. You’re free to ask anything your mind wants and desires. Knowledge is powah! I’m not sure when it started. […]

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Letting Go Retention

Hi all! Happy Monday! Since my breakup I’ve been having a little bit of difficulty letting go, so instead I’ve really let myself go. I’ve gained a good forty pounds from moping around the house. I’ve simply stopped caring about the basic necessities of personal hygiene. But then again why does it matter? I’m not […]

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Blood Moon MIA

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! Tuesday morning was the lunar eclipse deal. I waited all night to try and see it but the clouds didn’t give way. They stayed and ruined my romantic night out with myself. I’m rather upset at the weather today for having done that to me. And when I’m upset I sleep. […]

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Hi all! Happy Monday! I have an issue with shortsightedness in all senses of the word. I can’t see a foot past my own nose and I can’t see past my current problems. When I encounter a problem I get so obsessed over it that I can’t see a solution beyond the one solution. I […]

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The Anniversary of Something New

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! I am a little late in the celebration of being one month sober. But I shall nonetheless celebrate in tardiness the celebration of something new. Do I feel different? Not particularly. But it does feel good to know that I’m not binging and destroying my liver. I’ll admit it was good, […]

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Empowered Energy

Hi all! Happy Monday! Sorry I missed Free Association Friday! I was feeling awfully lazy on Thursday and equally lazy on Friday, so I didn’t post anything. I feel a lack of ideas lately. I mean the whole point of the blog was to focus on something and I feel I’ve lost that something. Or […]

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