The Organization Continuity

Hi all! Happy Hump Day! I hope you are all well! So what has transpired in the week since my last post? Well lots of things, obviously. I’ve managed to clean up the major working area of the desktop as well as reorganize power bars and implement a rudimentary (DIY) solution to all the cables […]

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Anxiety Provocation

Hi all! Happy Hump-day! Last week and the upcoming next few weeks will be met with anxiety. So let’s start with last week. Last week I had two photoshoots, an appointment with the NPO, an appointment with the ministry, and a tattoo session. So even prior to the actual events there was a lot of […]

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Photoshoot Week

This week is photoshoot week for me. I’ve got a couple of photoshoots lined up and I’m nervous as heck. Wracking my brain trying to think of interesting perspectives and trying to figure out what equipment to bring as they’re located in somewhat sketchy areas. So the less I bring the better, but I have […]

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Free Association Friday Level 8

Hi all! Happy Friday. Ok i know it’s not Friday anymore but I don’t care. I made a promise last week that I’d post something this week and I’ll keep to it. Now you may ask, “What’s the level 8 for?” Simple. I’m random like that. This week was a hard one, physically demanding one, […]

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Free Association Friday

Hi all! Happy Friday! I hope your week has been good. Mine was a bit lackluster and bland. I spent most of my time watching old Disney movies and figuring out how to create a DVD. It’s a lot more complicated than it seems! Well, not necessarily complicated but it’s just my requirements are a […]

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Cloudy Monday Mystery

Hi all! Happy Monday! Sorry I forgot to post last Friday. I was like “I’m going to post something. I’m going to post something. I’m going to post something.” and then I fell asleep and completely forgot to post something. For shame. Anyway, not much happened over last week. The highlight being 420, not much […]

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Free Association Friday

Hi all! Happy Friday! I almost forgot to blog! Time flies by so quickly. One moment I’m lying in bed browsing Imgur and the next thing I know it’s pitch black and it’s eight o’clock in the evening. This week I had dinner with a couple of friends on Tuesday, then the next day we […]

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Happy Birthday!

Hi all! Happy Monday! And Happy Birthday to me! Today’s my birthday and for the past three days I’ve been eating out celebrating my birthday. It’s been a great couple of days. This year, so far, has been pretty good. No major incidents to report. I’ve been going to see my doctor regularly and we […]

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