Confession Regurgitation

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! To be honest I’m not the person with too many boundaries. Anything’s really up for talks. Ask and you shall receive sort of deal, whether or not I answer is my business. You’re free to ask anything your mind wants and desires. Knowledge is powah! I’m not sure when it started. […]

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The Anniversary of Something New

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! I am a little late in the celebration of being one month sober. But I shall nonetheless celebrate in tardiness the celebration of something new. Do I feel different? Not particularly. But it does feel good to know that I’m not binging and destroying my liver. I’ll admit it was good, […]

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Snowy Weather Blues

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! I spoke with the ex last night. Well to be honest it resembled morse code than anything. “Hi…uhh…uhh…how…uhh…are…you?” So speaking isn’t exactly the right word for it, but it’ll have to do. It really bums me out that I can barely talk to her. I mean sure yeah we’re still “friends” […]

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