Vacation Mayhem part 4

Today is Sunday. Today is the day we start driving back to Canada. Woke up at six. Started to pack and to get ready for the drive home. It’s going to be like an eight hour drive. So at around 7:40am we left and at about the one hour forty mark we got pulled over […]

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Vacation Mayhem part 3

Today is Saturday. We woke up late. Or rather I woke up late. The others woke up early and had short morning walks. My feet still hurt from walking yesterday. Anyway after we all got up and ready we walked out to a local deli shop about three blocks from our house and I ordered […]

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Vacation Mayhem part 2

Today is Friday. We drove to st Perpetua and hiked up the mountain to take a view of the pacific ocean. The hike was arduous and very hilly. I barely made it to the top and i required many breaks but I eventually made it to the top. I’m not going to lie, I wanted […]

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Merry Christmas!

Hi all! Happy Thursday and a Merry Christmas to all! I know it’s been a while since my last post which was about midterms but I’m all done with midterms for now! Yay! On a more negative note I’m still waitlisted to get into my class for next semester so I might even end up […]

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Restful Forgetfulness Syndrome

Hi all! Happy Monday! I totally forgot I had to post today. I started the day off with gym then had an interview (not a job interview) about my life. A friend is writing a paper and needed someone to interview and so I volunteered. It was good to sit down and chat with a […]

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