Photoshoot Week

This week is photoshoot week for me. I’ve got a couple of photoshoots lined up and I’m nervous as heck. Wracking my brain trying to think of interesting perspectives and trying to figure out what equipment to bring as they’re located in somewhat sketchy areas. So the less I bring the better, but I have […]

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Walking on Clouds Syndrome

Hi all! Happy Tuesday! So today I took the CTrain for the first time. It was a  little underwhelming. It had some special features but I still prefer Vancouver’s Skytrain system. So we took the train from where we lived to downtown Calgary. Literally right as we walked out of the station was her office […]

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Sunday Reading Tattoo Agreement

So today’s Sunday and being the almighty and ever generous and compassionate Lord’s day, I went to church to celebrate. And to my surprise, one of the two readings featured my tattoo verse. For those of you who don’t know what verse I have tattooed on me it’s Sirach; a book not found in other […]

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