The Earthenware Grail

The Teapot from Earth Artwork by: Lis Huang Taken from the ground, And moulded into a mound. Uncertain is the shape at first, Soon it will quench our thirst. The handiwork is delicate, For its matter is particulate. Sound and steady are the fingers, In our uncertain hands it lingers. For by the tip of […]

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Just a Quick Update

Hi all! Happy Monday… or not. We all dread Mondays. Is it Monday already? Ugh. Alright, alright, I’ll slog out of bed and drink several cups of coffee. Well, anyway, I’m currently doing a collab with Lis. She gives me an abstract idea or a word, I write a short poem on it, and she […]

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The Mango

The Mango Fruit Fresh Sweet Divine Yellow Relaxing Fragrant Luscious Desirable Insatiable Irresistible The Mango is Rotten.

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The Organization Continuity

Hi all! Happy Hump Day! I hope you are all well! So what has transpired in the week since my last post? Well lots of things, obviously. I’ve managed to clean up the major working area of the desktop as well as reorganize power bars and implement a rudimentary (DIY) solution to all the cables […]

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