Anxiety Provocation

Hi all! Happy Hump-day! Last week and the upcoming next few weeks will be met with anxiety. So let’s start with last week. Last week I had two photoshoots, an appointment with the NPO, an appointment with the ministry, and a tattoo session. So even prior to the actual events there was a lot of […]

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Photoshoot Week

This week is photoshoot week for me. I’ve got a couple of photoshoots lined up and I’m nervous as heck. Wracking my brain trying to think of interesting perspectives and trying to figure out what equipment to bring as they’re located in somewhat sketchy areas. So the less I bring the better, but I have […]

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Christmas Eve Snowy Complexities

Hi all! Happy Friday! Merry Christmas! How’s everyone doing? Got all your presents you wanted this year? Don’t forget to remember about the homeless people and the downtrodden who have been forgotten by society. They don’t have much and everything helps. This Christmas I donated some money for a family in need. And I donated […]

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