The Fear of Overcoming

Fear Overcoming

Artwork by Lis Huang Written by remixboy

There was once a boy
Who was met by two men
Hak Fu and White Three

A terrible duo they were
Tormenting the boy day and night
In self-defense
The boy started to build walls

Walls and more walls
Endless was the boy’s quest in building
Endless were the assaults from the terrifying duo
Hak Fu and White Three relentlessly attacked
Layer after layer, they penetrated the walls

The boy pressed on
He built faster and smarter
Not long, the boy saw nothing, heard nothing
Still he soldiered on
Wall after wall he built
Until there was nothing and no one but himself

In this solitude of loneliness
The child continued to hide
Within the labyrinth he bade
Stirring nothing around him
Keeping silent all the while
The world he once knew was gone
The world he now knew was dark

The boy knew of no one but himself
Of the joys and sorrows of solitude
He kept to himself
Sharing nothing with anyone for he could not
Thoughts began to race in the boy’s head
Body, mind and soul became corrupted
With a slow and overwhelming disease
Then one fateful day that would change the boy’s life
He made a decision

The boy’s body, mind and soul had withered away
He chose to die
In the coffin he had built
With no one there to comfort him
No there to talk to him
No one there to see through the façade
Pain and misery had haunted him enough
He was at an end
Without his family and friends
He was a nobody, a forgotten one

He died that fateful day
And yet, he did not die
A power the boy had never encountered
Took the boy into its arms
Gently saying,
“You are mine. I will lift you up.”
The boy answered,
“Who are you?”
“I am the one who loves you.”
The boy who had hid away from Hak Fu and White Three all these years
Had grown into a man

The man was now invigorated by the mystical force
He began a slow and arduous journey
To face the unknowns, he had to break down the walls
Wall after wall, he slowly chipped away at them
It took a long time before the man saw a shimmering glow of light
The light he saw gave him hope
Then he heard voices
Many voices
Voices once familiar but now strange
The man knew not how long he had been in hiding
He welcomed the voices
For the power had told him to

He slowly crept out of the fortress
Faces once familiar but now strangers
The strangers surrounded him
But the man did not falter
He braced himself for the worst
But out of the crowd
A little girl ran up and held him by the hand
Greeting him with zeal and joy
Introducing the man to the new world
The strangers around him introduced themselves to the man
He started to recall
Familiar people
Familiar voices

The man did something he had not done in many years
He laughed
A sonorous laugh
Of sheer joy and happiness
Reunited with family and friends
At last he could live again
He could live again in relative peace
Knowing that the power that saved him
Would be there to save him again
He was reassured of this
He began to dance in gladness
He began to sing with jubilance
The man had lived through terrors
The man was now living in peace

Hak Fu and White Three still rear their ugly faces
But with the backing of the man’s family and friends
They pose no threat

And so begins one man’s journey back to life
A life he never knew could exist
A life of peace

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