the aisle of misfits

Misfit Toy


Artwork by Lis Huang

the aisle of misfits
cleft in two
dividing friend and foe

the misfits as they sit
row by row
silently they look upon
with eyes yearning
to be picked
by childlike innocence

the misfits they whisper
amongst themselves
when a child walks by
wondering who will be chosen

the misfits they whisper
to themselves
how they ever became a misfit
who was judge, jury, and executor
to have made them undesirable

but in the hearts of each misfit
lies a spark of hope
that one day
an innocent child
will give to them
a loving, forever home

in these hopeful dreams of the misfits
we see a reflection
of hopes and dreams
some are dashed
some are made
many yet to be fulfilled

take heart in the hope of the misfits
believe in the truth
each of the misfits
each of you
each of us
were made for something great

as the misfits sit silently
on the aisle of the misfits
cleft in two
separating friend and foe
they whisper to themselves
hold onto hope

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