No Rest for the Wicked

Artwork by Lis Huang


The bustle of life
To calm the strife
Of everyday life

Progressing forward two steps
Regressing backward six more
Nevermore advancing
Forever retreating

For glory
For fame
For riches
For shame
For dreams trivial
For real survival

To wonder:
When will I eat?
What will I drink?
How will I get by?
Who will I work for?
Where will it take me?

One grows weary
One grows wary
One is feigningly eager
One is given a wage meager

To defy every curveball of life
To justify in the court of this earthly realm
Every injustice and evil imposed on us

To be free from the chains of tyranny
Yet ever be bound to the bonds of slavery
We hustle and we bustle
We keep hustling ‘til we draw our last
We, are the hustlers

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