It All Starts at the End

The Deathly Tulips


Artwork by Lis Huang


Feelings of sadness
Well up inside me,
The one person
I had in my life
Is now gone from this world.
The only person that meant the world to me,
Now lies cold and dead.
I see nothing but darkness,
Fear of the living grave
Haunts my very being.

Death of the living,
The stench of rotting flesh,
Transfixes its horror
in my troubled mind.
As I watch the coffin
Slowly lowered
Down to the grasp of Death.
I cannot let go
Of the one I treasured most.
I reach out in vain
To grasp at nothingness.

To what can this life ever bring but sadness?
In ruins now lie,
Petty remains of my life.
The sunlight seems dead,
The bliss of life now gone.
Darkness of the night
Encompasses me.
I slowly succumb
To the touch of slumber.

The night seems unending.
But as dawn breaks
Upon the horizon,
I realize that death
Is but the beginning
Of a brand new life.

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