The Fast and The Food

The Golden Arches


Artwork by Lis Huang

Long before we knew what was good for us,
In a time before we grew our pointed mouths.
There was something that intrigued us.
It gave us an insatiable urge to look forward to.

In a time when toys were of value (and probably tainted with lead paint),
There were bundles of joy held within each meal.
Pineapples on pizzas were a joy.
Cheap, cheesy cheeseburgers that made a mess were a joy.
Buying them by the dozen were a joy.
Eating them by the dozen in races were a joy.

But for some that luxury was never to be had.
That joy forever eluded them.
The juicy, flakiness of fish eluded them.
The happiness of opening up a new toy eluded them.
The drive right by the holy sanctuary of joy eluded them.

Every kid on the block had one of them.
They would trade with each other the toys they had.
They would share in the partaking of the meal.
All that, was robbed from those who simply did not have.
For within the confines of the house, were laid the strictest of laws.
For only on the utmost and extreme occasions were they allowed into the place.

Treasuring and savoring every moment.
Cursing, as they could, that the end was drawing near.
Praying to the heathen gods of fun and joy that it would never end.
But never could they stave off the passage of time.

Some took it for granted.
Some took it gratefully.
Then, as time wore on, those fanciful dreams faded away.
Some choose it.
Some abhor it.
Whilst some remain ambivalent,
Only treasuring what they recall from their youth.
The joy, the happiness, the grief, and the yearning.


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