The Earthenware Grail

The Teapot from Earth


Artwork by Lis Huang


Taken from the ground,
And moulded into a mound.
Uncertain is the shape at first,
Soon it will quench our thirst.

The handiwork is delicate,
For its matter is particulate.
Sound and steady are the fingers,
In our uncertain hands it lingers.

For by the tip of the tongue,
We find the gathered pieces wrung.
Shared to all who gather,
The merrier to those who matter.

A glow of warmth it exudes,
For by those to whom we know not we include.
To share this great craft,
This earthen graft of mastered art.

To know the history,
Is to know its story.
By which means there are many,
But told by the tongue is plenty.

It has journeyed from afar,
For now it has a home to sit like a jar.
When used it sings like a lark,
Its beauty knows no mark.

Taken from the ground,
And moulded into a mound.
Uncertain was thy shape at first,
Thy saving grace is to quench our thirst.

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