The Organization Disruption Conception

Hi all! Happy Hump Day!

The cleaning of my room has become an overwhelming task for me amongst other things. I am trying to power through it all and get it all done, but more things seem to be revealing themselves as I uncover the mess. This is the problem with hoarding things; the mess may seem small, but there lies a bigger mess underneath the façade.

Late last week, I spent the whole day trying to remove an old low voltage box/bracket that was screwed into the stud and covered by drywall. As the hole was already big enough for the new bracket I just had to get rid of the existing bracket so that the new bracket would fit in. I didn’t want to cut away more drywall and have to patch it up again just to remove the screws, so I took out the Dremel and Flex Shaft and started to Dremel away. Unbeknownst to me, was just how tough this old bracket was. Took me nearly 3 hours trying to cut it off. I also had to be careful because there were cables that I had already pulled through and so I didn’t want to damage those and there was an existing coax cable that needed to be connected at all times, or else someone in the house would be screaming bloody murder that the TV wasn’t working. Made a huge dusty mess of black plastic and drywall dust. Should have worn my respirator but I couldn’t be bothered. At least I wore safety goggles. After vacuuming and cleaning everything up, I installed the new Ethernet cables and the bracket and slapped on the cover plate and now everything looks neat and tidy. But that took up most of my day and by the time I was done, I had to call it a day because I’m an early bird. I wake at around 0400/0500 and I try to get as much done as I can during those wee hours without waking anyone up. And by the time I was done with that mess, my meds had run out of juice and I desperately needed a nap. So I cleaned myself off and slipped into bed and napped.

Now all that remains of the cleaning process is to clear everything off my desk and pack/toss out any and everything in my room. So basically we’re back at square one of the cleaning process. This installation of the new LV bracket was the disruption. I now have tools of all sorts lying around my installation corner that need to be cleaned up. I have a surprising amount of big binders full of material that need filing away. I also have stacks of paperwork that need to be filed into binders and put away. Basically, lots of filing. Even the process of retaining my things and putting them into corresponding boxes I have a filing “system” for it and I write down and tape onto the exterior of the box what the contents of the box are, so when I go digging for something I don’t have to open every single box. It’s tedious work but worth it, I think, in the long run.

I think for the next few weeks I’ll be posting about the progress of my room cleaning project and seeing how it goes. I’m forcing and powering through it despite my depressive phase and trying not to let the depression get in the way of productivity. But sometimes, it just gets out of hand and I just lie in bed and just stay there.

Anyway, have a great WTF rest of the week and I’ll see you all next week!

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