Photoshoot Week

This week is photoshoot week for me. I’ve got a couple of photoshoots lined up and I’m nervous as heck. Wracking my brain trying to think of interesting perspectives and trying to figure out what equipment to bring as they’re located in somewhat sketchy areas. So the less I bring the better, but I have to bring my A game with me as well. I have to prepare all my camera gear and not miss anything. I’ve literally been having nightmares over this, for the past few weeks. Batteries dying out on me; not having enough storage space on my cards and all these worst case scenarios. I haven’t had a good night’s rest despite all my sedatives. And you know that’s not a good thing especially with the amount of sedatives I take. I have my dates all messed up and I keep freaking out thinking it’s the next day and “Oh shit! I forgot something!” It’s really nerve wracking. Clearly, I don’t handle responsibility, stress, the unknown, and work well. I have red dots on my calendar app indicating what prep work I have to do and what is going on the day of. After this blog post I’m going to start prepping the equipment and pick and choose what I need to bring and make sure it all fits in my bag.

Besides the photoshoots, I also have a tattoo session on the island this week so that means I have to wake up super early and catch the 0700 ferry to the island. So again that’s nerve wracking in its own way because I have to wake up early and ensure I get on the ferry in time or else I’ll be screwed for my appointment. Usually this means I have to wake up at around 0500. I hope the weather is good that day or else I shall be extremely upset.

All in all, I’m a hot mess right now. Just fussing over things that don’t really need fussing over. The government has shafted me yet again and I’m not happy with that. I just can’t figure out how they do things and how they don’t seem to have any set procedures in approaching an individual’s files. They’ve pushed things off on my file to the point that apparently although nothing has changed in terms of my banking statements, they’re requesting that I hand over new ones. And I’m like “Dafuq were y’all doing with my old ones?” Ah, whatever. I’ll just bear with it some more. So I suppose that ends my rant for this week. Next week should be a lot more quiet and back to my peaceful life.

Have a great WTF rest of the week! I’ll see you all next week at the same time!

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