The Game of Infinite Wonders

Hi all! Happy Hump-Day! I hope all has been going well for you hardworking folks out there.

I recently started teaching my parents how to play the board game 7 Wonders. And frankly it has turned into a game of infinite wonders. Up until the very end of the game my dad was still confused about the cards and what they did and thought the cards’ requirements were production and didn’t pay attention to a word I said about duplicate cards. And he beat me because he unknowingly took my science card that I desperately needed to complete my science pile. He just took cards he could play and ended up winning second place. My sister on the other hand went all out warfare on my mom and I so I was so choked, but in her defense she played her game correctly, but I did manage to stop her from getting the guild card that gives points for your neighbors’ -1 victory points.

It’s such a frustrating time for me whenever I have to explain the rules of the game to my parents. I just kind of expect them to know immediately and intuitively what each specific portion of the card does or I’ll explain it once and expect them to understand right away. I am not a patient person. I don’t like repeating myself. But I suppose it’s a learning hurdle for them and myself. They’re not young and their minds aren’t geared towards board games and they haven’t been exposed to enough board games to intuitively understand things. And I have to work on my patience in teaching people things. Admittedly when I teach people things, I’m all over the place and I don’t really have a set curriculum for each game and how it should be taught. I just kind of go with whatever pops up into my mind. So I’ll explain the barebones basics and just jump right into the game and no one really knows what’s going on. Take for instance my dad, for all three Ages, he had no clue how to play his cards and kept thinking the cost to play the cards added to his resource production. And he had no idea how the resource production worked. He still had his mind set on Terraforming Mars, which is another game we played previously in another week. So he was under the impression he could stockpile resources. But you know what? Surprisingly he came in second place so not bad. So next time I’ll re-explain the rules so everyone knows what’s going on. As well, I’ve just re-read the rules and turns out we’ve been playing it somewhat incorrectly, I think in theory it all evens out, but in reality I also think it might change how the game is played, so we’ll see. I want to introduce them to new games so that it makes them strategize and use their brains and exercise their ability to keep their minds sharp.

Anyway, what was supposed to be a game of 7 Wonders turned into a game of infinite wonders in that I had no clue how to explain rules and the players were all confused as well and had no clue what they were doing. So definitely an eye-opener for me in how I have to be more patient and change my way/style of teaching that caters to each individual person, because they might still be stuck in the previous game.

Have a great WTF rest of the week!

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