Procrastination Ultimate Level Attenuation

Lonsdale Quay, Stanley Park and English Bay

Hi all! Happy Friday! And Happy April’s Fool Day!

Wow! It’s been almost a month of no posting! I sincerely apologize. Half of it was due to assignment and the other half was just plain laziness on my part. I suppose also a lack of content was another reason but primarily laziness. I simply couldn’t be bothered. Sleep was more important to me than anything else.

So what’s been new lately? Well, during my Spring Break I got a couple of new tattoos. They need re-inking but that’s for another day. And you know what? That’s about it. I haven’t done much reading or done much gaming. I play games on my phone but nothing like my hardcore gaming days. I miss those days when I’d spend 10 hours sitting in front of the computer playing a game. Now I play like 3 hours tops per week. And even then that’s a lot.

It’s been a hectic week. Three finals to do. That means a whole lot of studying right? Not for me. It was more like procrastinate till the very last second. I just couldn’t get into the spirit of studying. I just felt so sleepy all of the time. But the problem was that when I tried to sleep, all I could think of was studying and so I couldn’t get a proper rest with that on my mind. But when I sat down to try and study, all I could think of was sleep. What the actual…. what even?! Brain, why you no work?!


No me gusta!

Luckily, two of my finals were open book and so I was able to bring with me my textbooks and skim through the text during the exam. It’s a bit of a waste of time but it sorta worked for me in the end. And the one exam that wasn’t open book, I managed to pass with an 80 something %. So lucky me I guess?

Oh! My birthday was this Wednesday. I celebrated it by eating lobster and drinking beer all day long. Had me some good Czech pilsner. Light and fragrant. Spent it in the good company of friends and family.

Let’s end today’s post with a bit of free association!

That is rule
That is law
Law is golden
Golden is rich
Rich is money
Money is happiness
Happiness is chocolate
Chocolate is sweet
Sweet is you
You are my love
Love is patient
Patient is sick
Sick is doctor
Doctor is heal
Heal is medicine
Medicine is expense
Expense is paid
Paid is debt free
Debt free is freedom
Freedom is wealth
Wealth is joy
Joy to the world
World is earth
Earth is moon
Moon is space
Space is cramped
Cramped is messy
Messy is organized
Organized is OCD
OCD is disorder
Disorder is maim
Maim is death
Death is life
Life is complete
The end.

See you all soon! I promise to make my Friday posts more frequent and usual. Today’s song of the day will be Unchained Melody. =)

Lonsdale Quay, Stanley Park and English Bay

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