Ermagerd Berks! Book Haul Collection Edition

Saturday. Today is a surprisingly beautiful day despite the terrible and dreary weather we’ve had all week. It’s a nice change. So what did I do? Naturally I whipped out my Rolleiflex and snapped a shot of the beautiful weather. I love that camera to bits and pieces. It’s a bit banged up but functionally it works like a charm. Anyway, this whole week has been an orientation week; introductions to courses and due dates and assignments. I haven’t really done much. But I should get started on some of the assignments and get a rough idea of what I’m going to be doing for them. You know, sketch things out and see what’s required and then gather the information. There’s this presentation for pharmacology that’s super big. It’s an hour long presentation for two people, so half hour for each person. But I think with all the information there, I think it will be easy to reach the half hour mark. We did presentations during our practicum and they were about 15 minutes long for about six pages worth of information so I don’t think it will be too hard to reach half an hour. What I’m concerned about are the exams. I find it very difficult to do the readings. They’re long and so I have to break it up in to small sections with breaks in between and I can’t focus long enough or well enough to retain the information. I simply can’t remember it. I’ve tried taking notes while I read but I find it too distracting and so as a result I still end up not retaining any information. I don’t like highlighting because of my incessant need to keep my books pristine. I mean it’s not like I’m going to sell them later, but there’s this persistent need, this unreasonable want to keep them pristine and in mint condition. Why hello there compulsiveness, how nice of you to pop by and say hello. Not. More like how annoying and in the way you are.

So, a while back I said I’d do a book haul post. I’m finally getting around to doing it now.

So my sister got me The Girl In The Spider’s Web for me at Indigo for 40% off and I got The Alchemist as a Christmas present. I’m really excited to begin reading these two books.
Ah I finally got my hands on the completed set of the Bloomsbury Harry Potter books or what I call the “original seven”. All for a little under 100 pounds, so about 200 Canadian. They’re used but in good shape. They only shipped to the UK so I had someone bring them back to Canada for me. Good thing for having contacts around the world. I look forward to rereading these books. I grew up with them and now I have them as a permanent part of my book collection.

So that’s my book haul from 2015. Nine wonderful books. I look forward to spending intimate time with each one, getting to know each book cover to cover. It’ll be an exciting adventure. I hope The Girl in the Spider’s Web is as good as the original trilogy. I loved the Millennium series, it was a great three books. I read them while I was in the hospital took me about a week to read all three; I just couldn’t put them down! Also I had to quickly read through them because it was loaned to me by one of the therapists at the hospital so I didn’t want to make her wait forever and wonder if I would ever return the book. She was really nice and we had a great conversation later about the series and how it progressed. School has started up again so reading my textbooks is a bit of a priority but I hope to find some spare time to read these books. Problem is I like to finish a book all in one go, I don’t like to separate reading times. We’ll see how things go. Anyway, for now that’s it! That’s my book haul and I hope you guys pick up these fine books and give them a read!


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