Age Related Deprivation Motivation

Hi all! Happy Friday! It’s been a while since I journaled. Well, no. I did do daily journals but that’s different from journaling about a week. In a weekly journal you summarize and so things are left out or are simply forgotten about. And knowing myself as well I do, I KNOW things will be forgotten. Like where I met a girl on the bus and I gave her my number like a smooth criminal. Okay , rewind, stop. That never happened. I mean it’s totally possible. I mean why not? I take the bus and train everyday. There are a lot of other people who also enjoy being cheated out their money by Translink. And the weirdest is we do it willingly. It’s not like a dare where someone puts fifty bucks on the table and you take transit and then win the money, because money is always good. No we just do it to get from point A to point B. Anyway it was a missed chance, a missed opportunity. I know I’m supposed to finish this by today but I’m really falling asleep at the keyboard and words are getting jumbled up. I promise to do Free Association tomorrow. Good night!

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