New Year, New Beginning, Same Old Resolutions

Science World and Seawall

Hi all! Happy Thursday/Friday! First off I’d like to say that we’re starting a new album! Right in time for the new year. Many things have happened over the past year. Precious lessons learnt and mistakes were made. Things have come and go. I’ve had a wonderful year in terms to discerning what I want to do. It was painful but needed. I’m still not sure if what I’ve chosen right now is the end all be all. But I’ll stick with it until the bitter end. Throughout my trials and tribulations, I have found strength in my friends and family and my medications. Especially my medications, there’s nothing quite like popping a couple of Ativans under the tongue and sitting back.

So today started out rather uneventful. People were going out of the house to buy food for tonight’s dinner and my sister and parents went out shopping for snacks. Then we all came back and by the time it was start partying. I, being my usual antisocial self, walled myself in my room and refused to come out. Instead I was watching Inside Out and the original Star Wars trilogy. Then when it was time to eat dinner, we all gathered around the pot and started to cook our food. There was a lot of really good meats and seafood. Anyway after dinner I went back to my room to finish the star wars trilogy. The others were looking at old photo albums and having a great time. I have a different definition of good time and they have their own definition of a good time. So we’re all happy! We had tea and Champagne and we waited for a countdown and we counted down, we all toasted to our health, prosperity and  wished each other luck in our different endeavors. We were laughing and joking about all the old wedding photos and baby photos. It was great.

All in all an interesting year. Had some low points, some really low points and some okay moments. It’s hard to want to get everything; you’re going to lose on some. There’s that saying that if you shoot and aim for the moon, if you miss, you’ll still be amongst the stars. So I’m going to aim for that 100% and be happy with and 70%. Once again, happy new years everyone. I hope you all have a wonderful new year. Good luck in all your endeavors and resolutions. And peace and prosperity to you all!

Science World and Seawall

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