Nose Hill Escalation Elevation Equation

Science World and Seawall

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! Happy hump day! So what did I do today? Let’s see… *cue dream sequence* I woke up to a toasty -9 degrees Celsius, the sun was shining with all its brilliance and the birds were chirping. I got up slowly and made the bed. I shuffled to the washroom and washed up. I sat about for a few hours trying to orientate myself. I was confused by the sunshine. I then found some food in the fridge and warmed it up and ate it. I had some pasta and gnocchi or what I call speggy perderders. Anyway, it was decided that we were going to do a light hike up Nose Hill park. We got dressed for the weather and I shouldered my gear with me and we headed off. My gear weighed me down and I kept sinking into the snow. My boots didn’t help either; they’re my steel-toe work boots, they’re warm and cozy and waterproof but they’re not really made for hiking. Anyway, we made it about half way up the hill before I tapped out and gave up. I had been up the hill many times before and I knew what the view was like and so there wasn’t really a point for me to see it again. I mean, it’s great at the top of the hill. One of the most serene and peaceful spots in the city, but it’s a pretty bland and desolate up there. There’s nothing up there except a few tumble weeds and a few small scraggly trees. On our way up, we met a rescue dog called Zoey; such a cute and gentle dog. The owner said that he didn’t know who got saved more, him or Zoey. I was touched. I think animal rescue shelters are wonderful and they don’t get enough praise or recognition. Anyway, back to the hill. We took some family shots and then retreated down the hill back to the house for lunch. I was so relieved at reaching the house. My shoulders were itching like mad from the straps. So I got home and sat around a bit and then lunch time! Lunch was simple. Just some noodles, vegetables and turkey. I then took a nap and I then I browsed the web a bit more looking for new deals and new books to read. After dinner time, I sat down and watched the Minions movie. It was a great movie and they’re so cute and funny. I have a greater appreciation for the name Kevin. Kevin rules. And that’s my whole day! Took some pictures. I don’t really feel like reviewing them until the trip is over, but that might conflict with the school stuff. Ugh.

I hope everyone has a great new years and that fun stuff. I’ll see you all tomorrow!

Science World and Seawall

Science World and Seawall

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