Walking on Clouds Syndrome

Hi all! Happy Tuesday! So today I took the CTrain for the first time. It was a  little underwhelming. It had some special features but I still prefer Vancouver’s Skytrain system. So we took the train from where we lived to downtown Calgary. Literally right as we walked out of the station was her office building. We then walked around till we came to TRIB Steakhouse. I had a Angus beef sandwich which was very filling. Then after that my cousin walked us into a random building and was like “It’s fine now. you can take off your jackets. We’ll be walking inside.” What I didn’t know what she was referring to was the Calgary plus 15. It’s a series of buildings all interconnected with skywalks, all around downtown. We walked around the buildings and we finally ended up in a mall. And the first story I see is Rolex and a Birk’s store. I was in heaven. We shopped around. We didn’t buy much, my sister bought me a new book yay! I found a tie I really liked from Holt Renfrew, it’s purple with diagonal stripes across it. Anyway, we were out there in downtown for several hours. By the time we headed home, the sky was already pitch black.


The book my sister got me was The Girl in the Spider’s Web. I really hope it lives up to the standards of Stieg Larsson. I am really looking forward to this new book. I also put in my Amazon shopping cart a couple more new books to read. Anyway that’s it for coming by this post. I hope everything goes well for everyone during this holiday break. We’ll end it here for now. See you all tomorrow!

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