Shopping Spree – Havoc Chaos Enclosure


Hello everyone! Happy Monday! I hope everyone’s doing well. Today, I woke up and ate lunch. Yes, I slept late and so I woke late. Today we drove to Chinook shopping center. It’s a huge mall. We got there at around 1300 and we started shopping. We went through Nordstrom and its an amazing store. I bought a suit jacket at Nordstrom. I’ll post my haul when I get home. I also got a new long sleeved t-shirt, and a a pair of gloves.

Then I went to my cousin’s house for dinner. And the meal was phenomenal. The fresh pasta was great. There was gnocchi and mushrooms and truffle oil, and cheese dish, and vegetables. I wish my stomach could consume more, but alas there is no more room for me. After dinner, she and her husband showed us pictures of their wedding in the Dominican Republic. They were done so well. I’m jealous I couldn’t attend. Anyway, after that we headed home. So that was pretty much the whole day! Have a great day and I’ll see you again tomorrow!.

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