Merry Christmas Consumption Elevation Disaster

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! And Merry Christmas! I made the mistake of putting my free association yesterday instead of today because I looked at the time and it was Friday and so free association has been fulfilled.

Not much was done today. I went to church with the family at St Luke’s then went home for lunch then I took a really long name because my head was pounding. After my nap I was feeling a lot better. I took out my school notes and started to study them. Then after a while longer, we all set out into the cars and drove to a party. The food was  so good! I ended up eating so much turkey and potatoes. This is more than what I usually eat. I wanted to try a little bit of everything and only make one trip, so I loaded my plate to the brim. I called it “Mount Ei-wannaeatallthefoodbecauseimhung-er” instead of Eiger. After the dinner, we played secret santa. my sister and I got a gift certificate 2 admission, 2 drinks, 1 reg. sized popcorn. pretty good deal. that’s more than 30 dollars

Oh I got a beautiful book called The Alchemist. Add another book to my to-read list.


Anyway I hope you all had a great weekend and see you tomorrow! Also your thoughts and ideas are welcomed. I’d love to hear from all you guys. =D

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