Banff BAMF Exploration


Hi all! Happy Saturday! So today started out a little slow. We woke up at around 0900 and got ready to leave. Then we waited a bit more and a bit more and a bit more. We were going on a day trip to Banff, Alberta. But organizing such a large group of people is difficult and even more difficult mobilizing. *Shudders* Reminds me of Starcraft. I have terrible micro skills. I can barely macro manage. Anyway, finally we managed to figure out everything and got everyone together and then off we went! We mobilized as a team of cars and we went zooming down the highway. When we got there, it was early afternoon. We had to spend a bit of time looking for parking spots. Free parking spots are hard to come by. Any, after much searching we found a spot and went to the food court to eat lunch. After lunch, we went and wandered around the streets. I bought a new Fjällräven toque because my Underarmor beanie didn’t cover my ears and so I needed something that would cover my ears. After a bit of meandering along the streets, we went and drove out to a look out point. But when we got there, it was roped off. Naturally being the thrill seekers that we are, we ignored that sign and went forth to explore the unexplored. And as luck would have it, I tripped and fell to my death or what I perceived to be my death. I had to fall in such a way that protected my camera or else bye bye 10k investment. And as we descended, we saw more people ignore the sign and walk up. I guess, if you’re willing to take that chance then you’ll have to be responsible for your own mistakes and waive your rights. Then after my near death experience, we set off for the all you can eat lobster buffet. There we waited for about an hour because of the dinner rush. After waiting, we got ready to fill our stomachs up with yummy lobster. I got two full plates and was done. Back in the day, I could have eaten like four rounds easy. But not so much now. Seems my stomach has grown smaller. But I’ve still got a big belleeeehhh. Get in mah belleh! Hahaha. Afterwards, we headed home and so that was the whole day in a nutshell!


Check out my new haaaat! It’s so nice!

Oh also, I do believe this is my 100th post since my revamp! Yay!

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