Sleeping Addition Compounding Factor

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! Well okay fine…its technically Thursday. So my first full day in Calgary and what did I do? Sleep! Duh! I was so tired from sleeping late last night that I dozed on and off all day today. At around 4pm I went to my cousin’s house and its a pretty house. I really like it. It’s spacious and oh my god! I love their christmas tree! This was also my first time seeing baby Samantha and she’s got the rosiest cheeks ever. And she’s full of energy and is very vocal about what she wants. Though, no one really seems to know what she’s talking about. Ah yes. ‘Tis the life of a baby. So misunderstood. Anyway, we had a late dinner. And by the time dinner and the chitchat was done it was about 23:00 so we decided to go back home. And so that was the end of a fun evening. IMG_20151223_173849

I hope you all have a great Christmas Eve!


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