Logitech G910 Orion Spark Firmware Update Failure


Hi all! I know I haven’t updated in a while but I’ve been extremely busy with exams and such. I’m taking a bit of a break right now to write this critical post for those of you out there who are experiencing or have experienced this problem with the Logitech G910 Orion Spark.

Okay so here’s the back-story…

Yesterday my friend was over and I was complaining to him about how I couldn’t connect my phone’s Arx control app to the computer. Not that I really need it for anything but we were just talking. And he mentioned that maybe I needed to update my Logitech Gaming Software. Now, Logitech has done a very good job of hiding where the update function is. When you open up the LGS app on your computer, you’ll see a big question mark on the lower right corner, then hover above that question mark and a little arrow that looks like this ^ appears. Click on that arrow and you’ll see a link that says “Check for updates”. Click on that and it should check for updates. As of writing this, December 12, 2015, my LGS software is 8.76.155. This is after updating. Prior to updating it was like 8.12 or something like that. So after updating the LGS application, I poked about the settings menu (the big gear symbol) and I discovered that my keyboard had firmware updates. So naturally I clicked on the install updates button and up popped a window that said it would download and install the firmware updates. So away it went downloading the firmware update. Then after a couple minutes, it asked me to unplug and re-plug the keyboard back into the computer. So I did as I was told. Then that’s when things went to shit. The keyboard refused to light up and the little ping you hear when you plug something in didn’t go off. There was no response from the keyboard at all. I couldn’t type anything. And the installation program screen disappeared and I was left wondering what the hell just happened. It was getting pretty late and I was tired so I went to bed and decided to deal with it in the morning. Come morning, I re-plug the keyboard into four computers at home and still no response from the keyboard. So I took it out to the computer stores around town and had them test the keyboard on their systems. Nothing. Nada. Not even a squeak. So I was pretty distressed about this. I mean having to warranty the keyboard if they’ll even accept it is a pretty long and drawn out process. I didn’t want to be without a keyboard for such a long time. So I did some thinking. I came up with the idea that since I saw it download something to my computer before asking me to unplug the keyboard, there must be a file somewhere. I flexed my Google-fu muscles and did some digging and pieced together a disjointed but workable idea.


Logitech Gaming Software

Now here’s what I did…

-Plug in a working keyboard for functionality’s sake; so you can type and get stuff done on the computer.

-Plug in the G910. This means you’ll have two keyboard plugged in at the same time.

-Open up Windows Explorer and navigate to the Logitech Gaming Software folder. By default it should be under your system drive under C:\Program Files\Logitech Gaming Software\ then click on FWUpdate

-In FWUpdate you’ll find a bunch of folders for different G-devices. Find the one labelled G910

-In G910, you should find a firmware file. Mine was name “G910Update_v21.exe”

-Right click the file and “Run as Administrator”

-UAC might pop up, if it does click “Yes”

-Then the file will run the Logitech installation program and it’ll install the firmware. Wait a couple of seconds (like 30 seconds in my case) and then VOILA! The G910 should be recognized by the OS and spring back to life. The LEDs should light up and you should be able to type with the keyboard again. I’m typing this post from my revived keyboard.

That’s it! It’s that simple. So what I guessed happened was that the installation program downloaded the firmware update, then in preparation for the installation deleted my old firmware, but then the program crashed? and never got the chance to reinstall a newer version of the firmware. So it was basically like having a computer with no operating system. Pretty useless. Anyway, a bit of thinking and some good Google-fu resulted in a successful story. Sometimes a level head is all that’s required to get out of a sticky situation. These update programs are so unreliable. I wish they put some more effort into making them actually work instead of giving people trouble like this. Anyway, I hope you all found this useful. Happy gaming everyone! Also my Arx control connects flawlessly now after the LGS update.

4 thoughts on “Logitech G910 Orion Spark Firmware Update Failure

    1. same . I have a bricked G610. Downloaded firmware from website and put it in logitech directory. the update started but the loading bar is not filling at all.

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