Free Association Friday Final Examination Experimentation

Science World and Seawall



Hi all! Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great week. Turkey day was this Monday and I’ve certainly had a lot of it. I personally don’t like turkey; I find it too dry. But oh well! My sister cooked a turkey and for the whole week all I had was turkey. What else happened this week? Oh! I got Elspeth Tirel figurine. It’s super cute and I’m looking for a place to place her. I also ordered a pair of earplugs from Doppler Labs Dubs. I also ordered a pair of earplugs from Etymotic ER20XS. Both of these items arrived from Amazon within a day of placing the purchase. Real timely and fast. I must point out first of all that neither of them come with additional earplug sizes. I’m not entirely sure but I think the Dubs is sort of one size fits all, which isn’t totally true; they’re a little big in my ears. The Dubs rest nicely on the ear, but the ER20XS plugs deep into your ear so you might find it a little weird at first. But are rated around the same. I believe the ER20XS has a rating of 13 decibels and the Dubs has a rating of 12 decibels. I use it to tune out the noises of the city and the traffic and people talking in class and the loud noises the train makes when running from station to station. The Dubs have a nice design to them; mine’s blue trimmed. The ER20XS on the other hand is super discrete with is transparent design. Overall I am happy with both purchases. So besides a little shopping spree this week, what else did I do? Well there was school! My Anatomy and Physiology course final was today. Thursday night spent a good six hours cramming the material. I ended up sleeping at three in the morning. So come exam time, I skim through all the questions first and then before I know it I’m done. I looked at my watch…five minutes? Either I was honestly super fast and got everything right or I completely blew the test. So I sat there going over each of the questions again. I did this four times and each time I was certain I put the correct answer. Ah well! Only time will tell what my grades are. So after my exam was over, we were allowed to go home. But for me, I had to go to an ultrasound appointment. The place was packed with patients. I was there for about half an hour before I was called in. A cute, tall ultrasound technician called me over and showed me to the testing room. The next thing she told me to do was to take off my shirt and pull down my pants and I was like, “Waaaaiiiit waaait what?” She was like, “Oh sorry! My bad!” and then told me to pull my pants down to the hip and then I lied down on the bed so she could start the scanning process. Scanning took about 20 minutes maybe even longer. I went in only to scan my liver, but the technician scanned my whole abdomen area very thoroughly.







White mantle
Caped crusader
Sword of Light
Spear of Wisdom
Harbinger of doom
Armor of the God’s wrath
Gauntlets of truth
Eyes that sparkle like crystal pools
Dainty is the nose
Golden is the hair that flows
Sensitive to the environment
Empathetic to a fault

That’s it for this week! We’ve started a new album and I really hope you enjoy them all! Have a great weekend and take care!

Science World and Seawall

Science World and Seawall

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