Free Association Friday Macbook Battery Conundrum

Science World and Seawall

Hi all! Happy Friday! I had a great Friday thank you for asking! So I woke up for school this morning and oh! First off… let’s start with my medication. This morning I took two 10mg dextroamphetamine (Dexedrine) and then I went to school and I was able to stay awake throughout the entire class. I didn’t even nod my head off once. From my past experience usually one pill does nothing, so I decided to take two and one in the afternoon or prn. Being able to stay awake in class and even in daily life has been a huge struggle for me. On a day where I don’t have work or school, I have to sleep in to noon to be able to do anything. But now with the change in dosages I think I can manage it a bit better. There maybe some fine tuning involved but that’s for later on. Anyway after school I went to eat ramen at Benkei on Broadway St with a friend. Meh the ramen is okay. Nothing really stood out. So then after lunch we went to Canadian Tire to buy some cheap tennis balls. And then we wandered around Best Buy. After wandering around for a bit, we decided to go home. But on the way home was the Apple store and so I wanted to pop in and see what the guys at the Genius bar could help me with. After a bit of waiting, it was my turn and I explained to the guy about my issues. Basically Macbook Pro’s battery life, used to last 10 hours. Over the years its ability to hold a charge has significantly decreased. And fine, I get that. I understand that with time things deteriorate. But a laptop with a battery life time of 30 minutes is a little ridiculous. I can’t go to coffee shops and work. I can’t be mobile with my laptop, which is the whole reason I got it in the first place. Instead I am constantly tethered to the wall. Oh so last week I finished my CPR-HCP course. It was really fun. I just wished I wore knee pads, the carpet hurt my knees so much. Speaking of certificates there are still certifications that I need to get such as,  WHMIS, Non Violent Crisis Intervention (NVCI), and a FoodSafe certification. I got my WHMIS back at BCIT, but I don’t know how long it’s valid for, so I MIGHT have to redo it which is fine.

spatial awareness
paths crossing
lucid dreams
phase shifting
personality disorder
enters the heart
eats at the brain
wetness of the thought
high over the rainbow
ceaseless energy

Today’s free association took quite some thought. Also difficult because I took my medications and so they’re now just kicking in and things are trippy. Also today’s pictures are from a new album! They’re from the Science World and seawall. Dogs, and people and statues! That’s all folks! Thanks you for taking the time to read my blog. Please comment and subscribe. And as always have a great weekend. Have great Thanksgiving weekend! Bye!

Science World and Seawall

Science World and Seawall


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