Mistakes and Studying Factor

Granville Island Photowalk

Hi all! Happy Saturday! I apologize for not posting something yesterday. I was so mentally exhausted after doing my homework and studying that I totally forgot about the fact that it was Friday and that I needed to post something. I ended up playing like an hour of Borderlands 2 before I rage quit from dying too much. My friend, who shall remain nameless, said he was game but then turned his back on me and decided he’d go watch a movie instead so I had no one to rez me every time I died. How utterly selfish of you VINCENT. Teehee. See what I did there? I said I’d keep you nameless but then I used your name. That’s called LYING. You LIED to me and broke my heart and made me sad. From now on you are the breaker of hearts and of promises. Anyway, in Borderlands 2 I just discovered Overpower levels. I don’t know exactly what they are but it sounds badass.

So I recently started a new course in practical nursing. It’s been a great program so far. There’s lots of homework and lots of studying but worth the time and effort. I’ve also made a rival in class. She keeps me motivated, on my toes and sharp. I aim to beat her. That’s always been my strategy.  Today I had a CRP course for healhcare providers. I have part two tomorrow. And that’s pretty much my whole weekend. I know this is not much of a post and that it’s short but i took my meds and im sleepy and incoherent.

Today’s photos are just a guy playing pan flutes and some trucks. I really like how the blue turned out. Anyway, we’re done this album! Wasn’t that quick, easy, and pianless? =D

Granville Island Photowalk

Granville Island Photowalk

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