Free Association Friday Tiny Tina’s Adventure Time

Granville Island Photowalk

Hi all! Happy Friday! It’s been a week since my last post about my diabetes and I’ve received a lot of support and some light scolding. And you know what? I deserve it all. It was my negligent lifestyle and belief in my indestructibility and invincibility that led to this sugary situation. So I definitely deserve being served an earful for taking such poor care of myself. At any rate, I thank everyone for their support and concern.

So this week was spent playing video games in particular, Borderlands 2 Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep. It’s a DLC and so I was expecting like 4 hours of game time out of it, but boy was a wrong. Tiny Tina takes you for a long journey into an imaginary world with her randomness. Over the course of four days, 16 hours, we played through Tina’s missions. Anyway we played it through and we beat it and the ending is so sad. I feel so sad for Tina. She just breaks down.  Oh also one interesting note is that game is bugged. In the dlc there’s a map called Mines of Avarice. If you want to join a friend’s game and play with him while he’s still in the mines, the game will fail to connect, give you a fatal error message. The workaround is simple. go to Sanctuary and have everyone join and then fast travel to the mines. Anyway i got to level 72 so I need better weapons.

Well! That was my whole week! Just games games and more games.


I’m tired now. I’ll see you all next week! Today’s photos are of produce. I wish I had a tripod for some of these shots but I didn’t bring it with me. Anyway bye! Have a safe and happy weekend!

Granville Island Photowalk

Granville Island Photowalk

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