Free Association Friday Entrance Exam Madness

Granville Island Photowalk

Granville Island Photowalk

Hi all! Happy Friday! I think I might have missed out on last Friday’s post. It was a busy week. I am applying to a nursing program and I had a meeting with the admissions advisor of the school last week and we booked an entrance exam for this week. So I spent the long weekend brushing up on my maths. I had the exam on Tuesday and managed to eke a pass in maths. I ran out of time and I couldn’t answer the last question in time. I had ten seconds on the clock for the last question and I was like damn gonna fail this. But as it turns out my maths was just good enough to pass. The combination of having to read each question carefully and then having to do the maths by hand took up precious time. Anyway, I met up with the advisor again this week after my exam and we went over student loans and the application and other important documents like physician’s waiver, vaccinations, and résumé and transcripts. I ordered transcripts on Monday but that was a holiday so I expect them to arrive sometime next week. Tomorrow I have blood donation and a doctor’s appointment. I’m looking forward to donating blood! So excited! Haha I love blood donation. It makes me feel like I’m doing something useful with my life. I think everyone should go donate if they can. Go book an appointment right now! It’s free and only takes about an hour of your time.  My doctor’s appointment tomorrow is important. I need to ask him to sign the waiver and book me a TB test for the school application. I hope I don’t need an x-ray of my chest. I don’t like the idea of being bombarded with radioactive rays. Pew pew pew! I had a chest x-ray last year when I was hospitalized, though I’m not entirely sure why they did it. I wasn’t hospitalized for chest problems. Oh well! Anyway, that’s pretty much my whole week in a nutshell. Ugh the only thing on my mind right now are the student loans. My application hasn’t even gone through yet and I’m already worried about paying them off. Fuuuuuuck. I’ll be burdened with it for a while.

Wise men
Writing composition
Take my whole life
Helping people
Number crunching
Eat noises
Demonic possessions
Photo walks
Money loans
Falling in love
Hating life
Protecting loved ones

Today’s photos are from Granville Island! We’re finally done the Autoshow and so we can move onto other subjects! Freedom! Flowers and nature abound! Some shots of people but mostly naturey stuff.

Granville Island Photowalk

Granville Island Photowalk

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