Free Association Friday Level 8


Hi all! Happy Friday. Ok i know it’s not Friday anymore but I don’t care. I made a promise last week that I’d post something this week and I’ll keep to it. Now you may ask, “What’s the level 8 for?” Simple. I’m random like that.

This week was a hard one, physically demanding one, and a mentally and emotionally draining one. I don’t even want to fucking talk about it. Maybe next week I’ll make a post about it. But right now I’m just drained I can’t begin to describe how hard it was for me.

conflicted relations
unspoken words
sleepless nights
hurt feelings
lost dreams
not knowing
completely alone

I’m going to end it here today. Monday if I have time I’ll post another longer post. But here’s today’s and your weekly dose of free association. By the way, we’re almost done the autoshow album! We can finally move on to other subjects that are cars! Anyway I hope you all have a great weekend and as always your thoughts and comments are welcomed below.




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