Free Association Friday Redux


Hi all! Happy Friday! It’s been a while since my last post and I apologize for the lack of posting. I simply wasn’t in the mood to post and I couldn’t think of anything to post. Well, it all started with my cousin coming into town from London. And so that Friday I was preoccupied with entertaining her and so I wasn’t able to post. Then the subsequent weeks I just got lazy and wasn’t in the mood.

In all honesty, not a lot has happened. This week I went running with my friend and watched Jurassic World. It was an okay movie with some awkward moments that were meant to be funny. Then last weekend, I spent it in the company of friends and family. My cousins and I and my friend went out to lunch at Kishimoto. The food was good but it did take a while to get to the table. Then after lunch we went to Science World to see dinosaurs! Rawr! Other than these two things not much has happened. In this boredom and lack of stuff to do, I decided to start rewatching Bleach from the very beginning. I’m on episode 13 right now. I still have a ways to go. There’s like three hundred and sixty episodes. I also got my hands on Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. I plan on watching that after I finish Bleach. I heard it’s super good. What else? Hmm…Oh! I had to upgrade my Lightroom. About time. I was using Lightroom 4 for the longest time and I finally had to upgrade because it couldn’t read my Olympus’ RAW files. So I checked Adobe’s website ( and it said minimum Lightroom 6. So I was like, “Aw damn.” So I went to Adobe’s site to upgrade. Cost me like ninety dollars. Still cheaper than the $149 price tag for the full version. Anyway I finally got it working and so I’m happy about that. Lightroom 6 should last me a while. I won’t be buying any new cameras for a while so I won’t be dealing with any new RAW files. One last thing, I can’t seem to figure out why my Lamy fountain pen isn’t writing. I put ink in the converter but I can’t seem to get the ink to flow. I already cleaned it before using! So I’m not sure what’s going on.

Fleeting emotions
Wistful dreams
Wishful coping
Static feedback
Excerpts of life
Copying actions
Living a lie
Shell of a man
Husk of a world
Crackling fire
Wispy smoke
Flowing sparks
Disconnected discussions

I hope you all have a great weekend! I’ll see you next week, I promise I’ll post. I have a wedding to attend this weekend. Much excite. Very anticipate. Such joyous. Wow. Much doge. Anyway, your thoughts and comments are welcomed below!


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