Free Association Friday


Hi all! Happy Friday!

I hope you all had a good week! I certainly had an entertaining week. I went running with a friend on Tuesday and we ended up playing Ticket to Ride on the grass. It was only afterwards that I discovered I got bitten at least thirteen times on the back by mosquitoes. After running I went bike testing with another friend. I found a very nice bike: Anyway, it’s expensive but maybe it’s worth it? I don’t know. We tested a couple more bikes: Norco Indie 2 and 3 ( and the Norco XFR 3 ( We then called it a day and went home. Wednesday was spent recuperating from Tuesday’s run and itching from the bites. Thursday I didn’t do much. I spent it drifting back and forth between reality and dreams. In the evening I went for a run with my friend again and it turned out to be a horrible idea. The location we went to was blanketed with mosquitoes. For some odd reason the mosquitoes hoarded around me and not my friend. I got another ten or more bites all over my back, my chest, and my legs. I was literally cloaked in mosquitoes. I was mosquito fodder. Horrible experience. We’re never running there again in the evening. Oh while running we saw one of these with orange tyres. Anyway at around the 2km marker we had enough of the mosquitoes and decided to turn around and call it a night. He showed me where to get the Ferrero Rocher bubble tea! Now I have yet to try it but at least I know where to get it now. Ermagerd! My bites are so fuggin’ itchy! I’m all swollen! Ugh! Why do mosquitoes love me so much?! I need to get some OFF! And finally we come to today. Today I went out to eat pho at my favorite pho restaurant on Cambie St. I’m donating blood tomorrow! I’m so excited. It’s been six months since my tattoo and I can finally donate again. Speaking of tattoos I’m planning on getting another one. A simple but powerful semicolon: . It’s to signify a life that could have ended but continued. It’s still tough some days but I soldier on.

Afraid to fall
Doubts fulfilled
Stronger than yesterday
Colorful lenses
Rainbow colored shirts
Tie dyed school buses
Travelling along the road
Bringing candied treats to all
I believed I would find the source
Of all the deadful souls
Of their dreams and sacrifices
Together with hopes and failures
Bound to the earth with the spell
The spell of a thousand yearning voices
Thumping in the distance
The heartbeats of many
Silenced by the thunderstorm
Green lit with passion
Purpled with bruises
Matched only by the fury of the heavens
The hells have opened a door
A door towards the source
Ending in anguish and sorrow

Today’s pictures are of more Lamborghinis and a monster truck! Yeah I do apologize for more Lamborghinis. I promised there wouldn’t be any more but alas! There are more. Anyhoo, I’m going to donate blood tomorrow and I’m going to a picnic with a bunch of friends at the beach. =D I hope you all have a good weekend and good next week. I’ll see you all next week. Take care and as always your thoughts and comments are welcomed below.



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