Happy Canada Day!

canada flagHi all! Happy Canada Day! I hope you all had a fun-filled patriotic day celebrating Canada’s 148th birthday.

Today I woke up late because I slept rather late last night. I was out with friends, I’ll talk about this on Friday’s post. Anyway I woke up and then ate some food and then got changed and headed out. I went to Steveston with the family. It’s a yearly event we do. There’s a salmon festival every year but we never go for the salmon. We go for the fish and chips. And being Canada Day I ordered a big and hearty Atlantic Lobster Poutine. I nearly had to doggie bag it because it was so big. Oh man the lobster was so meaty and juicy. Much Canadian. Very poutine. Such lobster. Wow.poutineAfter the food, we walked around the harbor and we boarded a Navy practice vessel (PCT Wolf 59) and got a tour of the vessel. There were two more Orca class patrol vessels docked, the PCT Grizzly 60 and the PCT Moose 62. There, I noted a very pretty looking crew member, she wore glasses. I love glasses they’re so kewl. Such cute. Very pretty. Much beautiful. Wow. Anyway the tour was pretty interesting and I learnt stuff about the ship that I didn’t learn about from last year. Last year the same ships docked at the harbor and they did the tour but it was slightly different in content. Anyway, it was around six by the time we finished the tour of the ship and so Mom wanted to go home and make dinner. She ended up buying take out instead. This year I didn’t take any pictures. I still have three events worth of photos on my camera that I need to sort out so I was like “Naw let’s leave the camera at home.” Now I kind of regret it. I was also contemplating on bringing the Minolta film camera but the heat made me feel lazy. So I just ended up with my phone and wallet. I didn’t even bring my keys. So anyway that was my Canada Day. I had a ginormous and majestically patriotic poutine and then I toured a Navy patrol training vessel and then I was homeward bound.

Share your story! What did you do on Canada Day? How do you celebrate our great nation’s birthday?


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