Free Association Friday


Hi all! Happy Friday! I hope your week has been good. Mine was a bit lackluster and bland. I spent most of my time watching old Disney movies and figuring out how to create a DVD. It’s a lot more complicated than it seems! Well, not necessarily complicated but it’s just my requirements are a little more complicated than the usual process of making a DVD. I’ve also been melting in the heat of my room. There’s a distinct lack of airflow in my room. I have three fans running in the background and still my room is three degrees hotter than the temperature outside. I blame my computer. It pumps out an inordinate amount of heat. What else what else? I changed my bed sheets and stuff today blah blah blah. I ate. I slept. I ate some more. Nothing of particular today. I chatted with friends who suddenly just dropped off the face of the earth and never replied back. I guess it’s my fault. I’m not good at holding down a conversation. Or maybe… instead of blaming myself, it was their fault. But let’s not be too hasty in that judgement.

I’ve been feeling rather like a useless sponge lately. Everyone seems to have found their niche and are using their talents for something productive. Why can’t I find my niche and use whatever useless gift God bestowed upon me. Perhaps I should figure out what gift that is first. Perhaps I should find my self-esteem and courage and confidence first. I have about two pieces of self-esteem out of a hundred, one piece of courage and zero confidence. Not a good amount for anyone. Self put down. Always seeking perfection but never being able to attain it. Much disappoint. Very frustrate. Such anger. Wow. Very doge.


What else do I have to say about my lack of everything important? What other put downs do I have in store for me today, besides being an utter cucumber of a person? No. Not even a cucumber. At least a cucumber can be cut into slices to flavor water. I am a bumpkin of a human being. The absolute lowest of lows. I am not worthy to be called a proper pumpkin. I am completely and utterly beyond shit, for even shit has a purpose as manure. MORE INSULTS! COME AT ME!

Le sigh…

Movies I’ve watched this week: Cinderella (2015), Hercules, Lady and the Tramp, Peter Pan, Pocahontas, and The King’s Speech

Let the randomness of Free Association take reign and guide us to a, hopefully, happy ending!

I’m a selfish destructive little imp
I like chaos and destruction
I will rule this world with chaos as my right hand man
I will sow the seeds of destruction and hate into the hearts of all mankind
Everything that is beautiful and whole shall be made unbeautiful and shall be shattered upon the step of my throne
For I am become death the destroyer of worlds
No, your strength does not match mine
I am infinitely stronger than you
You are but a weakling
Your sword can not break my helm and shield
I will sow in you the seeds of doubt and fear
You will cower at my footsteps, begging for mercy and I will show none
Your head, I shall mount upon a pike for all to see your shame and your failure
Well… that certainly didn’t end on a good note. Oh well. I hope you all have a good weekend and from last week: Can Toms be machine washed? And which GPS watch should I get?

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