Free Association Friday


Hi all! Happy Friday! I hope you all enjoyed the brilliant weather this week!

Orange is the New Black is out and I’ve been watching nonstop for the past two days. Okay I lie. I’ve been watching with pauses in between episodes just to make it last a little longer. Ruby Rose is in this season! Much love.

What else am I doing with my life? Nothing. Everyday I wake up and I start up the computer and I start browsing Netflix for movies to watch or TV shows. I have about three hundred photos waiting for me to edit and I’ve been lazy about it. I know I should do it. I gotta do it one of these days. But I just haven’t been in the mood.

Sitting waiting
Silence and anxiousness
Slipping between daydreams and reality
Hoping for a better tomorrow
Walking away from fears
Or at the least staying away from them
Vicious cycle, endless chain
Unknown orchestra
Playing unknown music
Loneliness creeps in
Destroying boundaries and dreams
Words that we have heard on high
Anniversaries of doom
And the gloominess of the lull
A little too late
Unplugged from reality
Plugged into drugs of hope
Dragged into the mud
Dripping and drapping of cold
Sitting waiting
For a new tomorrow
For a new day
For the day

Today we have more cars, more cars and more cars. I’m trying to get through this album of cars as quickly as possible, so that’s why I’m posting two per post now. Or what I could do is mix it up but I don’t really want to do that because then I’d be all over the place. Also I read through Wednesday’s post and I found a whole bunch of typos and grammatical errors. That should teach me not to post after taking heavy sedation medication and after midnight or something like that. I made that posted while I was under the influence of drugs and while I was super tired. I’ll try not to post stuff after hours; it results in poor grammar and lots of typos. Anyway back to Orange is the New Black! Enjoy your weekend!

Oh! And from Wednesday’s post: Can Toms be machine washed? And which GPS watch should I get?


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