Friday Failure Wednesday Adventure


Hi all! Happy Wednesday!

The weather was beautiful today so I went out. But first off let me apologize for the lack of free association last Friday. I was just go engrossed in talking about the new camera that I just completely forgot about free association! So let me make it up to you all in this Wednesday midweek post. Anyway today was a beautiful day and there was a slight breeze which is perfect. First stop was Lonsdale Quay. Walked around for a bit and grabbed a Timmy’s Iced Capp then headed towards Stanley Park. Unfortunately the decision to go to Stanley Park resulted in being stuck in traffic for ages. Once getting on the bridge it was smooth sailing. The big bottleneck area was where they had five lanes  merging into one lane. Arriving at Stanley Park, there were some scenic landmarks. Eventually making our way down hitting English Bay. Finding parking was hell but eventually a spot popped up. Moseyed on over to the Boathouse for dinner. I ordered a crab meat salad (it was so good), then I ordered a pasta which wasn’t as good. Highly recommend the Crab Cobb Salad. i made the mistake of ordering the salad and the seafood pasta both. I didn’t know the salad was going to be the size of a main. I expected a small salad and a big main dish. Turns out it was the opposite. Then after dinner walked to the beach and took pictures of the setting sun and to walk off the dinner. Question… Can you wash your Toms in the washing machine? There’s a lot of sand stuck to the leather sole

Memories fade
Into moonlit glasses
Ice forms on the
Outside of crystal balls
Wind blows echoing in your ear
Cars all lined up neatly in a row
Paper napkins gently gloating in the sky
Petals drooping and falling off so shyly
Shadows fill the chasm
The key to unlocking the doors
Lies within the domain of the unanswered
Force from within to abandon all hope
Ye who enter shall have eternal life
Reflections in eyes reveal secrets to another world
The world of reality
When the taxi driver comes
Wave your hand and dance with him
Hard the days
Few are the times when one can dance so freely
The liberation of the heart
So quickly swept away by tears of joy

Here’s the make up free association!


Today’s we feature two pictures! On of a Charger and the other is a driving simulation. I didn’t try it myself but it certain look interesting.

Oh! One last question today before we go. So I’m looking at GPS running watches and my budget is say $100-$400. What are some of your suggested watches and brands and reasons?

Okay so two questions today: Can Toms be machine washed? and GPS watches which one?!?!?!???!!??!?!?!!?!

Okay bye guys I’ll see you all on Friday! As always your thoughts and comments are welcomed below!

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