Vacation Mayhem part 4

Today is Sunday. Today is the day we start driving back to Canada. Woke up at six. Started to pack and to get ready for the drive home. It’s going to be like an eight hour drive. So at around 7:40am we left and at about the one hour forty mark we got pulled over again for another speeding ticket. Fucking hell. It was deja vu all over again. Well at least this one’s cheaper! After a bit more driving we arrived in Washington state. We drove around a bit and found a Korean restaurant. I ordered a jap Chae and quickly devoured it. I was starving. After eating we headed back onto the i5. Filling up gas right now at Fred Meyer. I keep dozing off in the car. It’s now the eight hour fifty minute mark and we’ve successfully made it back home. Good trip. remixboy signing off.

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