Vacation Mayhem part 3

Today is Saturday. We woke up late. Or rather I woke up late. The others woke up early and had short morning walks. My feet still hurt from walking yesterday. Anyway after we all got up and ready we walked out to a local deli shop about three blocks from our house and I ordered an egg salad sandwich. When asked for my name then cashier wrote Harvey. I guess my name’s Harvey now. Later on we’ll be going to the beach. Cannon beach I believe. I’ll keep this updated as we go. We went to Ecola beach. I got my hands all dirty going down the side of a mountain to reach the beach. My shoes got all muddy and since they have zero tread I kept slipping. I guess the sandy ground didn’t help either. But it was worth it. The beach was so beautiful. After the Ecola beach we heading to Cannon beach. Upon arrival at the beach we walked around the town and browsed some shops. I wanted ice cream but ended up getting a smoothie because i was thirsty. Now we’re heading back on the 101. We’re going to stop by some scenic views on the way back. There are several pullout spots. So it turns out we didn’t stop for pullout spots. We went to a grocery shop and then went home and called it a day. I then took the opportunity to take a long ass nap. Anyway that’s pretty much the day.

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