Vacation Mayhem part 2

Today is Friday. We drove to st Perpetua and hiked up the mountain to take a view of the pacific ocean. The hike was arduous and very hilly. I barely made it to the top and i required many breaks but I eventually made it to the top. I’m not going to lie, I wanted to give up many times but I held out till the very end. In the end I managed to hike up the 1.1 mile long uphill hike. I don’t think the weight of my back pack helped either. I was lugging around my DSLR and about two liters of water. But I’m glad I had water on me or else I would have died. Hahaha. Seriously though water saved me. So now I’m at the top and my legs are cramping and so I decided against going down the mountain. My friends are hiking back down to fetch the car and they’re gonna drive it up to meet me at the mountain top. I know I know y’all think I suck and you know what I probably do suck but I don’t want to injure myself. Better safe than sorry. So now I’m sitting here on top of the mountain composing this post while waiting for my ride. I expect a half hour wait. But i don’t mind. It’s nice and breezy up here. And it’s overcast and im in shorts and t-shirt. We’re going for clam chowder later for lunch. Not sure what else we’ll be doing. I’ll keep this updated as we go. I think tonight were going back to Fred Meyer for food. Oh! The airbnb we’re staying at is so nice. Three rooms and can accommodate up to eight people but we’re only four people so it’s super spacious. Oooo and the people here are so nice. Everyone greeted me as I walk by them. From good mornings to simple hellos, they’re all so polite. Right now I’m starving it’s like 2pm and i didn’t have breakfast. All I’ve had is water. I’m going to diiiie. Shiiiit! So my friends took about forty minutes to get down the mountain and drive back up to fetch me. During the drive up my friend was teaching my other friend how to drive in manual mode. Oh speaking of cars we got a speeding ticket today. Damn. I was sleeping and when I woke up the popo was knocking on my window and i was like wtf is happening. Oh my god I’m dead. Naw I’m kidding. The cop was super polite and nice. Anyway after going to st Perpetua we went for our clam chowders. I had a clam chowder and a fish and chips. Then after our clam chowders we drove to the birkenstocks store. Nothing was of interest there. We then went to the Tillamook cheese factory to have ice cream and of course to buy cheese. We then headed back to our humble abode and called it a day. I’m now sitting in front of the TV watching shows.

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