Free Association Friday


Hi all! Happy Friday!

It’s been such a sunny week! Unfortunately, I haven’t taken full advantage of the sun. I’ve been lazing around the house instead of going out for walks and taking photos. Last Saturday I went to a food festival called Eat! Vancouver. There, I tried a bunch of different foods from around the city from different food vendors from sushi to cheese to chilli to salsa dipping. There was also beer and alcohol. I tried a herbal tea-based liqueur called Tatratea. The peach flavored one was the best. Anyway it was a good two hour event. I haven’t looked at the photos but I didn’t take a lot probably around thirty photos taken. Even fewer after I go through them and flag the ones the good ones. I recently watched a documentary on organ transplant and cystic fibrosis: It’s a really touching show! Organ donation is a great thing! Please consider it! It can save a life. Onwards with some free association.

Shallow breath
Struggling to stay afloat
Time passes by slowly
Trying to calm myself
Staying clear minded
Waiting for a break
Heart pounding
Thoughts racing
Lying still
Looking for a hero
Crying tears of fear
Feeling for heaven
Drawing blank lines
On a blank canvas
Days are stretching on
Flying away to space
Drink the wine
Salvation lies within

I’ve been blacking out a lot recently. My breathing is very shallow. Just an observation I noticed. Slipping in and out of reality, it’s a weird feeling…

Today’s photo is of a Ferrari with the doors opened showing the steering wheel and the pedals. A different shot from the usual car shot.

I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine. Your thoughts and comments are always welcomed below!

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